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Apr 13, 2021

What is conscious listening? Kathy and Sheilani break down Julian Treasure's TED Talk on five ways to be a better listener. They explain the reasons why we are losing our listening, how we filter down what we pay attention to, and five exercises you can do to improve your own conscious listening. 

Check out the playlist of music Sheilani put together of our favorite musicians to listen to when we want to decompress or be creative. 

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Watch Julian Treasure's TEDTalk.

The Eluvium (genre: ambient, neoclassical)

  • Talk Amongst the Trees (2005)
  • Copia (2007)
  • Virga I (2019)

DJ Shadow (hiphop/triphop/turntablist)

  • Endtroducing (1996)

The Knife (vocals; mesmerizing; more rhythmic and melodic than ambient; lots of synth)

  • Neverland (2006)
  • Like a Pen (2006)
  • Marble House (2006)
  • Heartbeats (2003) 

This Will Destroy You (atmospheric, instrumental band, post-rock, heavy guitars – lots of overdrive and reverb)

  • Young Mountain (album) (2006)

Chillhop Music

  • Chill Study Beats 2
  • Airplane Mode
  • Nighttime Ramen

FKJ & Masego (French Kiwi Juice - french multi-instrumentalist, creates loops, uses Ableton)

  • w/ Masego (American sax player): Tadow
  • Ylang Ylang EP (Live Session)

DJ Zeph (San Francisco Bay Area turntablist)

  • Shake It on Down

Tom Misch (vocals; English musician and producer; guitar, sings)

  • It Runs through Me (feat. De La Soul)

Gregory Porter (vocals; American singer songwriter; Jazz Vocalist)

  • Be Good (Lion’s Song) (2012) – his first official video

Jessie Ware: British singer/songwriter

  • Champagne Kisses (2014)